Pneumatic Manipulator Material Handling & Green Energy Flow Controller System

Shinei Precision Equipment & Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Pneumatic Manipulator Specialist in goods lifting & handling equipment &
Energy Saving Compressed Flow System

#MyHijau Certified
#Govt Incentive Tax Allowance (GITA)
#Green Energy

Energy Saving Compressed Flow Systems - Manage your supply & demand side with intelligent remote monitoring apps available

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Pneumatic Manipulators - Lifting/Handling made easy with simple buttons

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Different Tooling & Setups to suit every requirement

Setup types: Floor mounted, Ceiling mounted, Pillar/Column type, Overhead railings

Tooling types: Clamps (internal/external), Vacuum, Hook, Jacks, Magnet

Erratic Fluctuation Stabilised with IFC  

Under stabilized condition, Air Compressors can go for longer mileage. All equipment will have longer shelf life.

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Easy handling for multiple products of any forms and sizes.